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At last!

Postby bacchus13579 » Sat Dec 07, 2002 12:49 am

I was sitting in math class today, thinking about Toki Pona and
turning some things over in my head. Later, when it was almost time
to go home for the day, I got to thinking "At last!" After a few
minutes had passed, I had come up with the idea that the best way to
say, "At last!" in Toki Pona is "pini".

Of course, in some situations (for example, when I was rejoicing that
it was time to go home), "pona!" would certainly work. If a long-
missed family member returned home, one might say, "pona!,"
however, "at last" might also fit this situation. But suppose that
something that has long been expected has finally come, even though
it is not necessarily good. A good example of such a situation is
Arthur Dimmesdale of The Scarlet Letter. After seven, terrorizing,
dark, dreadful years, Dimmesdale finally confessed his sin to the
people. Within seconds of doing so, however, he fell over dead of
natural causes. Because he was such a highly-honored man, his sudden
death could hardly be considered "pona," but the people might
think "at last!" because they finally knew the truth about the person
who had committed the sin. Therefore, I think the use of "pini" as an
interjection meaning "at last!" would make Toki Pona a bit more
colorful and humanistic.

Several words are already used to make interjections (such as "ike
[bad]" being "oh no!"). Wouldn't it make sense to let "pini" be used
as an interjection to mean "finally!" or "at last!"?

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