сидр, Russian/English/tp

Translation: Toki Pona content in other languages
Tradukado: Tokipono en aliaj lingvoj
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сидр, Russian/English/tp

Postby janMato » Thu Dec 17, 2009 1:08 am

сидр, Бергтора

Corrections to English and tp welcome.

Люблю родной ирландский сидр,
Его прекрасней в мире нет!
Меня мой старый дед поил
Напитком этим с малых лет.
Когда крестьяне урожай
Из сочных яблок соберут,
Напиток льётся через край,
В деревне пляшут и поют!

I love my homeland's Irish cider,
There's nothing better in the world than it,
My old grandfather poured
This drink in the early years
When peasants harvest
from juicy apples they gather up
the drink flows over the edge
in the countryside they dance and drink!

telo pi kili loje pi ma Alan mi li tawa pona,
telo ale li pona lili taso telo pi ma Alan li pona mute,
tenpo lili kin la mama mije pi mama mi li pana e telo tawa mi
jan pali li kama jo e kili loje la
telo li tawa sewi sike sewi pi poki telo. (go up/above the circular top of a water box)
jan pi pali ma li tawa musi lon ma.
jan pi pali ma li moku e telo pi kili loje.

Была я чудо хороша
В поре семнадцатой весны.
В деревню к нам на праздник наш
Английский рыцарь приходил.
Вздыхал он, боли не тая
И чуть не плача уходил,
Но я кричала вслед, смеясь,
Что я люблю лишь только сидр!

I was a pretty wonder,
after 17 springs, (*edit, centuries is BeK)
English Knight arrived to us
In the countryside on our holidays

**He sighed, we feared, (?) we didn't hide,
*and I almost went away crying.
But I shouted with my eyes, laughing
That I love only cider!

tenpo pini ni la mi pona kin lukin,
mi li lukin e kasi pi kule jelo laso e ni : tenpo pi nanpa luka luka luka tu wan
tempo sewi pi tempo pini la
jan Inli pi soweli tawa li kama tawa ni
jan Inli li pana kon pi pilin ike. mi pilin e pilin ike tawa jan,
lili la mi wile tawa taso mi tawa ala sama ni: mi pana anpa e telo pi oko tu. (ed. I almost went away crying--> I sorta wanted to go, but didn't go crying)
mi pana e a a a tawa jan. mi li toki e ni:
"mi olin e jan ala! telo pi kili loje taso li pona tawa mi" kepeken oko mi (ed. this moves the phrase a long way from its referent)

Дым костров на закат,
Вновь шумит голова,
Бог поёт, пляшет ад!
Я родной ирлндский сидр
Нежно Сэдриком звала,
Сэром Сэдриком...

Smoke of bonfires, on the horizon,
Again my head roars
God sings out, hell is dancing! (*ed. I would have never guessed hell is dancing.)
I offered dear Cedric
(my) native Irish Cider,
Sir Cedric....

mi lukin e kon pimeja pi ike moli pi ike pakala anpa sewi kon
tu la mi pilin e kalama ike lon lawa mi
jan Sewi li kalama musi e ni: "tawa musi li pakala!"
mi li pana e telo pi kili loje tawa jan olin Sewiko
tawa jan pi Sewiko sewi... (trying to get honorifics without accidental deification)

Но сидр однажды заперт был
В сырых церковных погребах:
Король со свитою гостил,
Епископ бегал на ушах.
Зажал напиток вредный поп,
Ему, мол, рыцарей поить!
Крестьяне выли, видит Бог,
*(MHE) Пришлось бочонок утащить!

But cider once became locked up,
In damp church cellars
The king with his retinu visted (or consulted his court)
the Bishop fussed, (ed. literally ran on ears!)
The lousy priest hid the drink.
To him, as he said, the knight knew to toast! (treat?)
The peasants wailed, god saw,
(To me) It had to come to that I had to drag away/steal the barrels, (I had to steal the barrels)

tempo li kama lon ni: telo pi kili loje li pakala tawa jan lawa,
jan lawa en jan pali pi tomo lawa li kama toki e nimi tawa sama tawa jan pali pi jan sewi.
jan lawa pi jan sewi li pana e nasin sin e ni: telo pi kili loje li pakala tawa jan sewi,
jan Sewiko li pilin e ni : jan lawa li sewi jan Sewiko, e ni: jan Sewiko li pakala ala e wile pi jan lawa.
jan sewi li lukin e ni:
jan pi ma pali li weka e poki pi telo pi kili loje

Но ключник, злой седой монах
Меня за шиворот схватил,
Узнал девчонку он впотьмах
И англичанам доложил!
И тут добрейший их король
От скуки вдруг устроил суд,
Играла я воровки роль
И ведьмы, ждушей в спину кнут.

But the little key, the nasty grey monk,
Seized me by my collar
He knew a girl in the dark,
and the englishman announced
and there their nicest king,
from bordom sudenly set up court,
I played the thieve's role
and witch, they wiped me worst on my back

ijo sewi li ni:
jan pali ike pi jan sewi li kama jo e mi kepeken len mi.
jan pali ike li toke e ni: "sina pakala li ike"
tawa jan lawa pi pona mute.
jan lawa li pilin ala e musi pona.
jan lawa li kama jo pilin e ni :
mi jan sama ni: jan li kama jo e ijo pi jan ante,
li jan sama ni: meli pi nimi wawa mun.
ike la jan mute pi jan lawa li pakala e sijelo mi kepeken linja pi kiwen pimeja.

Меня лупили по ногам
И пятки жгли железом мне.
Все, словно черти, были там
До одного навеселе!
Но тут знакомое лицо:
Английский рыцарь тоже здесь!
"Она со мной была в ту ночь!",-
Он крикнул, вырывая плеть.
"С тобой всю ночь? Тогда женись!",-
Указ был королевский дан,
И вот моя проходит жизнь
В далёких землях англичан...

They whipped my legs,
burned my heels with iron.
All, like devils, they were there,
to the last one, they had a good time (were drunk)!
Bug there a famiar face:
The English knigh is also here!
"She was with me in this night!"
He cried out, pulling away (their) whip,
"With you all night? Then marry her!"
The command was a royal decree,
And so whet my life,
in the far away land of the British...

ona li pakala e noka mi kepeken linja pi kiwen pimeja,
ona li seli e noka pini mi kepeken kiwen loje seli,
jan ale ni li sama jan ike li musi mute tan ni : mi pilin e ike!
pini la mi lukin e sinpin ni: mi li sona e sinpin
jan pali pi soweli tawa li lon ni poka mi.
jan pali li toki e ni : "tenpo mun la meli li poka mi!"
jan pali li kama jo e linja pi kiwen pimeja,
jan ike li toki e ni : "sina li poka meli? o wan e meli!"
jan lawa li toki e nimi sama.
lon tenpo monsi la mi open e nasin sin
lon ma ante pi jan Inli

Вёл он к алтарю,
Меня он к алтарю,
И всё просил меня забыть
Привычку вредную мою!
Сорок лет не пью,
Но муж погиб в бою...
Тащи-ка, внучка, жбан скорей,
Я сидра нам с тобой налью!

He led to the alter,
He led me to the alter,
And all asked me to forget,
My nasty old customs!
Fourty years, I'vn't drunk,
But my man was killed in battle..
Take this can, granddaughter, hurry,
I'll pour with you some cider for us,

jan Sewiko li lawa e mi tawa e tomo pi jan sewi,
jan Sewiko li lawa e mi tawa e tomo pi jan sewi,
jan Sewiko li wile e ni :
mi li weka sona e nasin ike pi ma Alan.
tempo pi sike suno pi nanpa mute mute la mi moku ala e telo,
mije mi Sewiko li moli lon ma utala.
jan meli lili mi o kama jo e poka pi telo pona la
mi pana e telo pi kili loje tawa mi tu sama.
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Re: сидр, Russian/English/tp

Postby janKipo » Fri Dec 18, 2009 2:02 pm

Is this really Russian? It seems vaguely familiar from some minor British poetry course, though not to any detail (though some of the details are hazy here as well). I can't comment on the Russian or the RtE translation, only on the correspondence between the English and the tp.
ma Alan, li pona tawa mi
maybe tenpo lili kin
maybe pona kin lukin
Surely this is about being 17 years old (ballad tradition) although the 17th century is about right for some of the action. That being said, I can't parse the line: I suppose 'ala' is 'ali' in the (yuck) sense of '100' and 'pi' is used (as someone else -- NOT Sonja -- suggested) as multiplicative. but the rest doesn't fit into a grammatical whole which gets to what you want (I think). Most of this is just that tp doesn't have the means for dealing with arithmetic and arithmetical operations, so I'd stick with the simplest way (if I would deal with this at all), compromising to ''nanpa pi tenpo pini li ali pi luka luka luka tu' (although that is strictly into the 18th century).
You skip a line.
'kama' is probably enough, 'kama tawa ni,' if you insist.
sighing is more 'pana e kon,' even 'weka e kon' than 'moku e kon' which is sort of suck or what you do with cigarette smoke. I don't get the rest of the line in English, though the tp is clear (and unrelated to the English, as far as I can see).
strike 'ken lili' "barely possibly"? 'mi weka sama lili ni: ...' (not too good, but maybe serviceable).
toki e ni kepeken (prep at end!)
Expanded but gets the sense.

More later.

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Re: сидр, Russian/English/tp

Postby janMato » Fri Dec 18, 2009 4:37 pm

janKipo wrote:Is this really Russian?

Yup, dunno if the story was made up by the Russian Singer.

I found both in Sonja's wiki, one for Irish Language, one for Ireland. Alan also as seem to be a homonym for Iran. Bagdad? Belfast? ali li sama ala sama?

janKipo wrote:Surely this is about being 17 years old (ballad tradition) although the 17th century is about right for some of the action.

Oops. Springs not centuries.

how to say century
'nanpa pi tenpo pini li ali pi luka luka luka tu' Place notation is indeed simpler and I think the example you've provided is a variant on a place notation system (roman in between the pi's and place notation in the whole).

janKipo wrote:You skip a line. 'kama' is probably enough, 'kama tawa ni,' if you insist.

Fixed. sorta.

how to sigh
'pana e kon pi pilin ike'

janKipo wrote:I don't get the rest of the line in English

I can't say I know where the Russian was going either.

janKipo wrote:...(other fixes)...

now fixed in original text and in bold.

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Re: сидр, Russian/English/tp

Postby jan-ante » Sun Dec 20, 2009 4:13 pm

настоящее имя - Наталья Ковальчук

Меня мой старый дед поил
Напитком этим с малых лет.

early (young) years

Когда крестьяне урожай
Из сочных яблок соберут,


Дым костров на закат,


Бог поёт, пляшет ад!

hell is dancing note, the order of words is almost arbitrary in russian. when you translate from russian, you should not keep the original order

Но сидр однажды заперт был

was locked

В сырых церковных погребах:

damp, moist

Епископ бегал на ушах.

fuss, bustle

Зажал напиток вредный поп,

concealed, gave not - sleng

Ему, мол, рыцарей поить!

(as) he said

Крестьяне выли, видит Бог,


Пришлось бочонок утащить!

so i had no choice, but steal the barrel

Но ключник, злой седой монах

key-keeper, house keeper

До одного навеселе!

fig. drunk

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