Translation of ''TP in 76 Illustrated Lessons'' into English

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Translation of ''TP in 76 Illustrated Lessons'' into English

Postby daraffa » Wed Sep 02, 2009 10:42 am

I have attempted to translate Eliazar Parra Cardenas  'TP in 76 Illustrated
Lessons' from Spanish into English. You can download my translation at this URL:

My Spanish is practically non-existant (I relied heavily on Google's translation
tools, so there may be better translations in English) and I am just learning
TP, so all comments and corrections are welcome. I tried to keep the English
translation as close to Eliazar's original text as possible. If anyone has the
time or inclination, the following lessons in particular could stand a review:
37 - pata
43 - kan
56, 57, 58 - seme
71, 72 - la
and 50 - numbers - I know luka has been deprecated, but I like to use it for 5
as well.

I was a bit lazy at the end and substituted a TP to English dictionary in the
appendix, instead of translating the TP to Spanish dictionary. I hope this is

Eliazar's original text is available at:

I will add any corrections that I receive.

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