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translation exercises

Postby galactonerd » Sat Aug 09, 2008 8:01 pm

Lots of little texts we can translate into Toki Pona.

Here's one:

mama o, suno ni li seme?

ni li ma tomo pi jan Kojanin. ona mute li jan nasa. ona li kepeken
e suno lon tenpo pimeja. ni li sama ni: suno lili sewi li pona ala.
ona li utala li moli e ona ante li sona ala e ni: ijo ike moli li
lili lon ma ona li suli lon ma ante. ona li utala ala kepeken palisa
kasi. ona li jo e ilo nasa ni: ona li moli e jan lon ma ante. o
lukin pona lon poka pi tomo tawa nasa ona. ona li tawa mute lon
tenpo lili. jan lili mi o tawa ala ma tomo ona.

mama o, ma tomo li seme?

Father, what are those lights?

That is the city of the Goyanim. They are a strange people. They
light their cities at night, as if the stars weren't sufficient for
their needs. They fight and kill each other, not realising the
greater danger beyond their small world. And they do not hunt
eachother with bows and arrows. No, they have strange devices that
kill from far away without arrows. And take care near their strange
iron horses they use to travel. They travel faster than any natural
beast ought to, and ignore the strength of the bow and arrow. Best if
you avoid their cities, my son.

Father, whats a city?

jan Sosuwa

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