Arpee's (jan Ape) Conlangs

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Arpee's (jan Ape) Conlangs

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Arpee (jan Ape) has created many toki pona inspired conlangs. The following link shows some of his many works:

Bon Wen, one of his conlangs, had some potential. Around 2009 Arpee created Bon Wen, which is like Toki Pona but has 500-600ish words (Arpee created it as an international auxiliary language). Arpee tried to update/improve Bon Wen a few times, so Bon Wen is one of the conlangs he has worked most on. But later he gave up on Bon Wen. The other languages are like 18-to-100-word-languages! Arpee hasn't been active for a while though. Arpee has been critical of existing IALs e.g. Esperanto, Ido and Interlingua, but believes conlangs like LFN, Glosa, Neo Patwa and his own conlangs have more features of a "fit" global auxiliary language.

Bon Wen was like a pidgin/creole/patwa and had an international vocabulary, simple phonology/phonotactics and a simple grammar with no weird word ending changes (inflections/declensions). Compound words could be build by combining root words.
Links to Bon Wen: ... om/bonwen/ ... arnbonwen/
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