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toki! mi jan kulupu sin!

Posted: Wed Jul 26, 2017 2:47 pm
by panurge
Hello, i'm a new member of the community!

(the previous line should be the translation of the thread title, if i'm not wrong... correct me in that case!)

I started learning Toki Pona a couple days ago, and even if it's so simple i have to struggle converting some concepts in toki pona, as a language creator myself i can't but recognize the elegance of this tiny little language.

I subscribed because i have a lot of questions to pose to more advanced tokiponans, so.... here i am! I hope you'll forgive my noobyness when i'll begin flooding this forum with trivial questions :D

So, just to introduce myself:
My name is Daniele, and my main interests are music, mathematics, go, programming, and beer. Quite an impressive list of important stuff, i reckon... :P


Re: toki! mi jan kulupu sin!

Posted: Wed Jul 26, 2017 4:48 pm
by janKipo
jan Tanjele o, kama pona tawa toki pona. sina ken wile e nimi sina. nimi pi lon sinpin li pilin mi taso.
This is a pretty good place for longish discussions and for presenting polished works, like translations or stories. But to really get into the language, you should probably get on the toki pona taso group on Facebook. For more conversationlike interplay there are also some Discord channels, which I have had bad luck with but others find very useful.
How are you studying? Sonja's book? a web book like Pije or Lope or 76? Memrise?
[Greetings, Daniele. Welcome to toki pona. You can pick your name. The one in front is just my guess.]

Re: toki! mi jan kulupu sin!

Posted: Wed Jul 26, 2017 6:06 pm
by panurge
Hello Kipo,
Thank you for the greeting, and for the tips!

I'm still thinking about a good toki pona name for me. I have two first names, the second one leads to something like 'Pasuka' which i pretty much like.

As for my actual material of study, i just went through Pije's excellent lessons and was looking for more: i just ordered Sonja's book today, but i won't receive it but a couple weeks from now, so in the meantime i'll give a look to the other resources you suggested. I have a discord account so i'll consider that option, also.

Thanks again, and don't worry, i was mainly joking when i said i was going to flood this forum with nooby questions! Really, i subscribed mainly because i was writing some songs in toki pona, so i'll probably come back for a review when i'll feel more confident about the results. Until then,..

mi tawa!

Re: toki! mi jan kulupu sin!

Posted: Wed Jul 26, 2017 7:38 pm
by janKipo
OK, but I don't do poetry: no sense of meter, rhyme, metaphor or anything else you need for poetry. Again, try Facebook, which has several songwriters. (Of course, I am not the only person here but it often seems like it.)