ꄲꀎ! sitelen pona text on the internet.

Signs and symbols: Writing systems (hieroglyphs, nail writing) and Signed Toki Pona; unofficial scripts too
Signoj kaj simboloj: Skribsistemoj (hieroglifoj, ungoskribado) kaj la Tokipona Signolingvo; ankaŭ por neoficialaj skribsistemoj
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ꄲꀎ! sitelen pona text on the internet.

Postby janU » Sun Jul 28, 2019 12:33 pm

Many Yi syllables resemble sitelen pona. There isn't a perfect match for every one, but you could find the closest matches and use them to type in toki pona.
Many computers have an option to type Yi in the settings, using Pinyin.

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