New font for sitelen pona : LINJA PONA

Signs and symbols: Writing systems (hieroglyphs, nail writing) and Signed Toki Pona; unofficial scripts too
Signoj kaj simboloj: Skribsistemoj (hieroglifoj, ungoskribado) kaj la Tokipona Signolingvo; ankaŭ por neoficialaj skribsistemoj
jan waso lape
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Re: New font for sitelen pona : LINJA PONA

Postby jan waso lape » Thu Sep 07, 2017 4:48 pm

I did say it was from sitelen sitelen in my first post. jan Same has done work on both. My idea was to take the syllabary of sitelen sitelen and simplify it so it can be used as part of the font. Using symbols to spell things out in cartouches is good (especially for names; the choices are important!) but it's not easy to read aloud from them. You have to look at it, work out the first letter of each glyph and work out what the word should be. It would just be a nice option to have a pronunciation guide, without having to use alphanumeric characters.

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