Writing Toki Pona in the Hebrew alphabet

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Writing Toki Pona in the Hebrew alphabet

Postby janPeka » Mon Mar 09, 2015 10:52 pm

The Hebrew alphabet, which is not just used to write Hebrew but also Yiddish, Ladino and a number of other Jewish languages, is aesthetically one of my favorite scripts. So here is a way I propose of writing Toki Pona using it:

A אַ
E ֵאֶ
I יִ
J י
K ק
L ל
M מ
N נ
P פ
S ס
T ט
O וֹ
U וּ
W ו

The goal here was to use a minimal number of letters and take advantage of diacritics wherever possible, while still making it almost immediately readable to anyone familiar with the Hebrew alphabet. The result is (kind of) a 10-letter alphabet for Toki Pona.

?נאַסיִן ניִ ליִ פוֹנאַ אַלאַ פוֹנאַ טאַואַ סיִנאַ
i am no longer an active speaker of toki pona for two reasons:
life is not simple
the language appropriates words from the languages of colonized people

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Re: Writing Toki Pona in the Hebrew alphabet

Postby janKipo » Tue Mar 10, 2015 1:10 pm

As a practical matter, I don't like writing in strange systems. But for the aesthetics of it, Hebrew is a reasonable addition, if we don't have it already. The choice to use diacritics rather than more letters, while probably forced by the vowel phobia of classical Hebrew, is an unfortunate choice for us presbyoptic readers.

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