Signs and symbols: Writing systems (hieroglyphs, nail writing) and Signed Toki Pona; unofficial scripts too
Signoj kaj simboloj: Skribsistemoj (hieroglifoj, ungoskribado) kaj la Tokipona Signolingvo; ankaŭ por neoficialaj skribsistemoj
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Re: Dotsies

Postby janKipo » Fri Jul 06, 2012 11:58 am

I think that for tp dotsies should be reformulated. As has been noted, we need only four dots to do the tp alphabet. In that context, it would be useful, I think, if the vowels all sketched out the standard, making it easier to spot the difference between high and low, especially for free-floating dots. Of course, once a scheme is hit upon, the patterns of the 120 or so words would be quickly learned and the details unimportant except for proper adjectives. I haven't done any details on this, either working out the best vowel choices nor what would make the various words most distinctive.

Jan KoAla
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Re: Dotsies

Postby Jan KoAla » Sun Jul 08, 2012 9:13 am

It hasn't been stated here already, but it should be noted that you can edit it right on the site.

Design Your Own Dotsies Version

Personnally, I don't find dotsies particularily interesting. But if someone where to think up a better scheme for toki pona I'd be interested to see how it looks/works.

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