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Re: ع - Arabic script for Toki Pona poetry

Posted: Sun Dec 01, 2019 9:02 pm
by jan Seloki
janKipo wrote:errh. Since Arabic has final ns, why not use them? And why are the final ns left off in the consonant-only spelling (which gives rise to the 'luka'/'lukin' confusion)? I don't know enough (anything) about Arabic writing to know of reasons for this omission.

You could do what Arabic does & add a "ا" (ayin) to the end. In Arabic ً and ٍ are always written as اً or اٍ .'lukin' would be 'لكا/لُكاٍ' while 'luka' would be 'لك/لُكَ'. words like 'len' & 'lon' should be written using the final 'n' because 'la' forms its own character 'لا' so you couldn't form the 'ا' that they attach to. 'pan' would be 'پا/پاً', 'ken' would be 'کا/کاً'. Ultimately though, it makes more sense to me to just use the final 'n', resulting in لُكَ/لك & لُکِن/لکن ( (lukin & luka). اً/اٍ are only grammatical elements see Wikipedia - tanwin anyway, & aren't used to write words by themselves anyway. I don't have a problem omitting the vowels (harakāt), but I don't see any reason not to use the final 'n'.