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Re: indirect questions

Posted: Fri May 25, 2018 1:42 pm
by janKipo
Nice list of sentences, but it is not always clear how they related to the “indirect question” issue, since some don’t eem to be related at all and others clearly take one side or the other of the ‘sona’ problem (mainly the object, rather than the identity). I also am not sure how legitimate ‘ona li kama anu ala’ is, though I suppose it is the assertive parallel of 'x ala x’. But that is basically a tautology, so cleary known by everyone (more or less). It is also unclear whether ‘anu’ can join two different sort of things, here a verb (or a sentence) and an adverb. I supose it a colloquial contraction and we don’t have many good (or bad, for that matter) rules about these.