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Re: Quick questions

Postby janTepanNetaPelin » Thu May 03, 2018 3:56 pm

SoweliTeloNasa wrote:pona kin. sina mute li pona. mi toki kepeken toki ike mute. taso sina mute li pona e sona mi.

If my toki pona wasn't clear, just want to thank y'all for helping me with all the random questions.

tenpo lili la mi toki wawa lon lipu kulupu sin. :)

Pretty sure wawa isn't needed there but just imagining wawa after most verbs as a 'in a way to show dominance' or maybe just confidence in this case, just amuses me to no end.

As I can see, your Toki Pona is actually quite good. "wawa" fits here, as it means "confident", too:

wawa ADJECTIVE strong, powerful; confident, sure; energetic, intense
https://github.com/stefichjo/toki-pona (mi sitelen e lipu ni pi toki pona)
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Re: Quick questions

Postby jan_Lope » Fri May 04, 2018 2:49 am

SoweliTeloNasa wrote:Can you modify verbs in general or is kin an exception?


You may find this chapter "Adverbs, Auxiliary Verbs" interesting.

https://htmlpreview.github.io/?https:// ... 0000000000

Or the whole lessons:

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