ma tawa lon ma Nijon

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ma tawa lon ma Nijon

Postby aikidave » Sun Mar 13, 2011 3:21 pm

ijo wawa li pakala e ma Nijon.
ma li tawa wawa.
tomo mute li pakala.
sinpin telo suli kin li tawa sewi ma.
telo ni li moli e jan mute.
telo ni li tawa e tomo e tomo tawa e tomo tawa telo.
jan lawa li lukin e jan weka.
ma Mewika li tawa e tomo tawa telo suli tawa ma Nijon.
tomo tawa telo ni li jo e tomo tawa kon.
tomo tawa kon ni li lukin e jan weka.
tomo tawa kon ni li kama e moku e telo pona tawa jan.
jan li pilin lete li wile moku.
jan li jo ala e ilo suno.
tomo tawa telo kin li jo e jan pi pona sijelo.

ilo pi pali wawa li pakala.
ilo ni li seli mute.
jan pali li lon telo lete e ilo ni.
ilo ni li pana e kon ike e ko moli.
jan lawa li weka e jan tan ma poka ilo ni.

jan pi ma ante li pana e moku e ijo pona tawa ma Nijon.
jan mute li toki tawa jan sewi tawa jan pi ma Nijon.

Comments / corrections please. What I was trying to say below.

A powerful earthquake damaged Japan.
The earth moved powerfully.
Many buildings were destroyed.
A large wall of water also moved over the land.
This water killed many people.
This water moved houses, cars and boats.
Government workers are searching for missing people.
America is sending a large ship to Japan.
This ship has aircraft.
These aircraft search for missing people.
These aircraft bring food and fresh water to the people.
The people are cold and hungry.
The people are in the dark.
The ship also has doctors on board.

The energy making tool (nuclear power plant) are damaged.
These tools are very hot.
The workers put cold water on these tools.
These tools emit bad air and deadly particles.
The government is removing people from the area close to this tool.

People in other countries give food and good things to Japan.
Many people pray for the people of Japan.

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Re: ma tawa lon ma Nijon

Postby janMato » Sun Mar 13, 2011 4:49 pm

pona a! I only found six potential issue and I had 100% comprehension without looking at the answer. I guess you're right about kama potentially meaning "to bring", but I had to look in the draft section of the wiki -

A powerful thing broke Japan.
The land moved powerfully.
Many buildings broke.
The ocean's face (missing pi) also moved up onto the land.
This water killed people.
This water moved buildings, cars and boats.
The government is looking at lost people. (alasa is better)
America moved the large boats to Japan.
These boats have airplanes.
These airplains are looking at lost people. (again, alasa is better)
These airplanes become food, and good water to people. (li kama = bring?)
People feel cold and want foodily. (missing e)
People lack electric light.
Boats also have doctors.

The energy maker is broken.
This device burns many (times?). Maybe wawa would be better for burning hot.
Workers put cold water on this device.
This device gives off bad air and deadly muck.
The government removed people from the land nearby this device.

Foreigners give food and fresh water to Japan.
People talk to God on behalf of the people of Japan.

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Re: ma tawa lon ma Nijon

Postby janKipo » Sun Mar 13, 2011 10:32 pm

I had fewer problems than Mato but read some things differently (to the same point)
I read "sinpin telo suli" as "a great wall of water" which wouldn't need 'pi'
Yes, alasa is better (though Sonja says things that make it sound like she disagrees. Tough!)
'ilo li seli mute' I read as "The devise is very hot" which makes your sentence OK, though wawa is more dramatic (and justified)
I am not sure about 'ko' for these kinds of particles, but don't have any alternative to suggest except the rather calquy 'wan lili'.
I'm easy on 'kama e' for bring. though I think I tend to use 'lon e' -- I suspect there are fine distinctions here, that don't apply in this case.
I think your 'lon' is backwards: they didn't put the reactor in cold water, but cold water in the reactor.

But none of this mattered for comprehension. Very smooth. Thanks.

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Re: ma tawa lon ma Nijon

Postby aikidave » Mon Mar 14, 2011 10:33 pm

Thanks for the comments.
I need to learn the new words such as alasa !
Yes, I definitely got the 'lon' backwards.
I like to use sinpin as 'wall' in addition to it's other meanings, and supa as 'horizontal surface'.

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