o jan olin mi sina wile awen anu seme

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Re: o jan olin mi sina wile awen anu seme

Postby janKipo » Thu Aug 19, 2010 1:31 pm

All your starred examples are normal English, but do generally require some context "What do you do on the team?" "I throw" and so on. In addition, it is probable that these are not intransitive verbs at all but simply transitive ones with the DO understood The same is true in tp, where it causes real ambiguities: mi moku "I am food" or "I am eating" (short for 'mi moku e moku'
'lape' and 'moli' and the like are class A, so as vi mean "is asleep" or "is a sleeper" and "is dead" or "is dead thing" and thus, as vt, mean "put DO to sleep", "kill DO."
I think I have lost the thread again.

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