flash cards for the words beyond the 125

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flash cards for the words beyond the 125

Postby janMato » Sun Feb 07, 2010 6:53 pm

I've uploaded the first 14 sets of flashcards, mostly based on jan Kipo's spreadsheet and jan Sonja's word lists.

http://www.byki.com/tag/tokipona The client is free.

I skipped over some phrases because they were too funny looking. jan Kipo's spreadsheet has attested words going back to the dawn of time and includes many words that have only been seen once and may never be used again.

Creating the flash card set posed some interesting challenges to keep in mind, compound phrases have multiple probably equivalent forms:

ko suno linja ~ ko linja suno ~ ko suno ~ ko linja

For the English side of the card I usually tried to provide a hint when there are two roughly equal forms in tp based on different modifiers or heads.

toki pona tends to use semantically work verbs, so the typical forms is "li pana e pona tawa jan" or the like (so the flash card form of a verb is the verb plus all the necessary complements with ijo/jan/soweli or some other neutral word)

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