DuckDuckGo, alternative to google, is open for translation.

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Re: DuckDuckGo, alternative to google, is open for translati

Postby jan_kale » Tue Jan 10, 2012 8:55 pm

We could still use some help on the translation guys!

pona 8-)

Jan KoAla
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Re: DuckDuckGo, alternative to google, is open for translati

Postby Jan KoAla » Thu Jan 12, 2012 12:44 am

Just went through all the "core" stuff, it's less than I thought it would be. Takes about a half hour, there were some I skipped and/or was sloppy about, but I'm tired now.

Off the top of my head a few words like: "Privacy" "Results" and "category" were tough for me to think up. So, for everyone else, it doesn't take long, and if you change the number of things per page (it's a drop-down menu at the top of the page) you can have them all on one page. Then once you get the bottom just hit save. Only takes about a half-hour and it'd be good to get some others to run through it too.

lape pona

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Re: DuckDuckGo, alternative to google, is open for translati

Postby janMato » Fri May 25, 2012 12:48 pm

Duck Duck Go Strings (most of them) in a single page.

NB. I didn't write the following. The translation is in the context of a search engine. Many of these translations have the what-do-you-think-of-when-you-hear-hoof-beats question. Usually not zebra, usually horses. The English is highly specific and knowing the toki pona (even in context) for a lot of these, I wouldn't guess what the original English was.

Settings - wile ante
Goodies - suwi musi
Team Duck - kulupu jan waso
Results -
Look - o lukin
All settings -
URL Params -
Load/Reset = open/sin
shortcuts - pali kepeken tenpo lili
technical -
about -
Get results for different meanings of %s - o lukin e sona ante pi ijo %s
See also - o lukin kin
Meanings - sona
category - sona
Official site - lipu lawa
Ads via %s - esun tan ijo %s
Search ideas - ken la o pana e lukin ni
more - mute
special - suli
show all - o lukin e ali
Computed by %s - o kama sona tan ilo %s
pay - esun
pay - pana mani
random number- nanpa ante
random - ante
%s is a parked domain (last time we checked). - (tenpo lukin pini la) lipu %s li lipu ike
Add-ons - namako
other uses - ante kepeken
Dictionary - lipu pi nimi ali
Dictionary - lipu sona nimi mute
More at %s - mute li lon lipu %s
More at %s - mute lon %s
More results - ijo mute
built with %s - o pali kepeken ijo %s
more links - lipu ante mute
Alphabetically - nasin pi nimi lili
map - sitenlen ma
nearby - lon poka
shipment tracking -
Reverse search -
vehicle info - sona pi tomo tawa
Reviews - ijo li pona anu seme?
%s is in - %s li lon
Try to go there - pona la o tawa lon ni
Try to go there -kama lon ni
Try: %s - o kepeken e ni: ijo %s
Try: %s - kepen: %s
Offers - ken esun
Similar - sama
Library - tomo lipu
top - sewi
uses results from %s - kepeken nimi tan %s
put search terms here - o pana e wile lukin lon ni
put search terms here -sitelen lon ni
I'm feeling ducky - mi pilin waso
I'm feeling ducky - mi pilin e waso
news - sin
news - kama sin
See our %s - o lukin e ijo %s pi mi mute
See our %s - lukin e %s mi mute
Set as Homepage - o kepeken e ni tan lipu lawa
Set as Homepage - pali e tomo sina
%d disc - sike %d
album - lipu mute
listen - o kute
listen - kute
Use %s command to turn off temporarily. - o kepeken e ilo %s tan ni: tenpo lili la o wile kepeken ala.
temporarily -
keyboard shortcuts -nena pi tenpo lili
keyboard shortcuts -pana nimi pi tenpo lili
web links - nimi ante pi tawa e sina tawa lipu ante
DDG Topics List - nimi mute pi lukin sina
sort by date - o lukin e ijo kepeken tenpo ijo ni
sort by date - o lukin tan tenpo
this page requires %s - lipu ni li wile e ijo %s
this page requires %s - lipu ni li wile e %s
bubble - sike kon
%s is a %s - ijo %s li ijo %s
%s is a %s - %s li %s
released %s - pana e ijo %s
released %s - pana %s
from %s - tan %s
and %s - en %s
%d pg - lipu %d
%d pgs - lipu %d
book - lipu sona mute
book - lipu mute
book - lipu sona
Did you mean %s? - sina wile ala wile sitelen e nimi %s?
Did you mean %s? sina wili ala wile e nimi %s?
Did you mean %s? sina wile ala wile e %s?
turn off - o pini
turn off - o kepeken ala
trun off - pini
permanently - tenpo ali
colors - kule
privacy - ijo pi jan ante li lukin ala
more related topics - mute pi ijo sama
Results by %s - lipu ni li kama tan ilo %s
by category - tan sona
%s is a phone number in %s - nanpa %s li nanpa pi ilo toki lon ma %s
Add to %s - o wan tawa ijo %s
Entry in %s - ijo li lon lipu %s
try search on - o kepeken e wile lukin sina tawa
%s is a zip code in %s - ijo %s li ilo Zip Code lon ma %s
random password - nimi pi sina taso
Searches %s using our %s - o lukin e ijo %s li kepeken ijo %s pi mi mute
No right topic? Try web links... - No right topic? Try web links...
Images - sitelen
privacy policy - nasin pi ilo DuckDuckGo tawa sona sina
track (as in do not track us) - o lukin
track - lukin

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Re: DuckDuckGo, alternative to google, is open for translation.

Postby Pali Pi Sona Kiwen » Mon Jun 22, 2015 12:38 am

kulupu o! This does not take much time and is great practice. I just translated about 2% of the site and it took me about 20 minutes. Some of the phrases are difficult, but that's part of the fun.
wile sona li mute e sona.

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