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Re: toki pona in chinese/kanji?

Posted: Tue Mar 22, 2011 12:32 am
by majika

I only stumbled across this thread quite late in the day, buried away in "ante toki"! I've been working in a similar vein, but with a twist.. I'm also mapping Toki Pona words to Chinese characters, but I'm then using that Unicode mapping as a basis for a purely Toki Pona script / font.

jan Mato pointed me here: I did a quick comparison of jan Josan's list and there's approx 50% agreement in our mappings (much less with jan Jopi's list because I was using Chinese rather than Japanese meanings as a basis for the mapping).

The mapping process isn't easy hey? There are so many characters to choose from with very subtle shades of meaning, not all of which correspond neatly to the TP words. I must admit, I didn't spend too long agonising over my choices since I was more interested in creating the font for the new script.

Anyway, I've summarised my work so far on this website:

Mike / jan Majika

Re: toki pona in chinese/kanji?

Posted: Fri Jul 22, 2011 3:43 pm
by janMimoku
Mike, based on your character set (with alternate characters from the post on the frontpage) I made an input method for Linux (using m17n, on ubuntu install ibus-m17n, put the files in /usr/share/m17n and restart ibus to be able to use them).

You can find it here:

Please play with it and report bugs you might find, and enjoy!

Re: toki pona in chinese/kanji?

Posted: Tue Sep 24, 2019 2:58 am
by jan Seloki
If anybody is still reading this thread. There is a tool to compress toki pona to & from kanji/hanzi

I use the character set used on the site with a few modifications:
あ a
獣 akesi
無 ala
探 alasa
全 ale/ali
下 anpa
变 ante
ぬ anu
待 awen
え e
ん en
市 esun
物 ijo
悪 ike
具 ilo
内 insa
汚 jaki
人 jan
黄 jelo
有 jo
魚 kala
音 kalama
来 kama
木 kasi
能 ken
使 kepeken
果 kili
又 kin
切 kipisi
石 kiwen
粉 ko
空 kon
色 kule
聞 kulupu
群 kute
ら la
眠 lape
青 laso
首 lawa
布 len
冷 lete
り li
小 lili
糸 linja
葉 lipu
赤 loje
在 lon
手 luka
見 lukin
穴 lupa
土 ma
母 mama (I would suggest 親 instead which simply means parent as 'mama' does. 母 specifically means 'mother')
貝 mani
女 meli
私 mi
男 mije
菜 moku (I use 食 which actually means food/meal. 菜 means vegetable)
死 moli
後 monsi
怖 monsuta (deprecated, usually just written in katakana when used at all as モンスタ)
む mu
月 mun
楽 musi
多 mute
冗 namako
番 nanpa
狂 nasa
道 nasin
丘 nena
此 ni
称 nimi
足 noka
お o
目 oko
愛 olin
彼 ona
開 open
打 pakala
作 pali
棒 palisa
米 pan
授 pana
ぴ pi
心 pilin
黒 pimeja
終 pini
虫 pipi
側 poka
箱 poki
良 pona
同 sama
火 seli
皮 selo
何 seme
上 sewi
体 sijelo
丸 sike
新 sin
君 sina
前 sinpin
画 sitelen (you could also use 文, when implying writing,text,etc;)
知 sona
猫 soweli
大 suli
日 suno
面 supa
甜 suwi
因 tan
許 taso
去 tawa
水 telo
时 tenpo (I personally use 時 for the kanji as that is what Japanese actually uses. 时 is the simplified version used in Chinese)
言 toki (I use this in combination with 話 for a general talk/speech meaning, & 語 for the word 'language')
家 tomo
二 tu
盛 unpa
口 uta
戦 utala
白 walo
一 wan
鳥 waso
力 wawa
遥 weka
要 wile

Re: toki pona in chinese/kanji?

Posted: Thu Oct 17, 2019 11:14 pm
by jan Jojanese
is there any reason nobody has mentioned this even though its the best one that exists