jan Ari Pota en kiwen pi jan sona

Translation: Toki Pona content in other languages
Tradukado: Tokipono en aliaj lingvoj
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Re: jan Ari Pota en kiwen pi jan sona

Postby janKipo » Thu Dec 22, 2016 3:55 pm

Too much confidence that I understood what was going on and not enough looking at what was actually said. Sorry bout that! How sorbet,
I'm not sure 'pini' means "close" in just that sense. 'Jo (luka)' "clutch, grasp" seems clearer
Yes, Dudley does make a difference, but 'lukin e' would have helped even more.
Nothing excuses the next bit, but "find" is 'Kama lukin', the hoped-for upshot of alasa.

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