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pakala sina

Postby Liogab11 » Thu Oct 16, 2008 9:46 am

You need more practice. ni li pakala sina:
-The word "ma" must precede the name of a country. Hence, sina lon ma Oselija.
-If "sina mute" is the subject of the sentence, you will still need to use "li".
 sina mute li kama sona...
-For sentences that involve time, use "la". Your last sentence should therefore
 tenpo pi mute seme la sina mute li kama sona e toki pona?
 (Times of what amount <la> you study Toki Pona; How often do you  study Toki
tenpo suno ali la mi kama sona e toki pona. sina toki e ni: tenpo mute ala la
sina kama sona e toki pona la sina kan kama sona tan ni. mi sin tawa toki pona
la mi pali e pakala lon toki mi.
mi wile e weka,
jan Pusa

--- On Sun, 12/10/08, krazykitkatkaitlin <> wrote:

From: krazykitkatkaitlin <>
Subject: [tokipona] toki!
Date: Sunday, 12 October, 2008, 3:08 PM

mi jan Kaitlin tan Oselija. mi kama sona e toki pona tawa tenpo mute
ala. taso mi musi e ona. mi pona mute ala. sina pona ala pona e toki mi?

sina mute kama sona e toki pona tawa tenpo seme?

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