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Some translation.

Postby Dominique Unruh » Tue Oct 29, 2002 10:30 am

I decided to translate - just for fun - the abstract of some recently
completed work to Toki Pona. The topic is far to complicated for Toki
Pona, but I have ventured it anyway. Any comments on my translation
are welcome.

(Lines with * are the TP translation, lines with ] are the
word-by-word English equivalent, the original English text can be
found at the end of this mail)

* toki lili
] Abstract/Resumé

* wan li ken lukin lon pali ni e ni:
] In this work one can see the following:

* sona pi lukin ala pi wan lili li ike.
] Quantum cryptology is complicated.

* taso tenpo la toki pali li pona, en toki pali ante li pona,
* kama la toki pali tu pi kama wan li kin pona.
] But if one protocol is secure, and another protocol is secure,
] their composition is also secure.

* tenpo la wan lili ala la toki pali pi wan lili ala li pona,
* kama la wan lili la toki pali ni li kin pona.
] If some classical protocol is secure in the classical case,
] then this protocol is also secure in the quantum case.

Some discussion:

I have translated protocol as "toki pali", since a protocol is a
series of instructions (toki) about what to do (pali).

Cryptology is the science of the hidden (AFAIK at least when
translating the word literally from greek), i.e. the science of
dont-see, "sona pi lukin ala".

"Quantum" is translated to "wan lili", i.e. little particle, because
Quantum effects usually are only observable when considering very
small particles.

"Classical" in this context is the absence of "quantum", thus "wan
lili ala".

The "composition of two protocols" is "toki pali tu pi kama wan",
meaning roughly "two protocols, which became one".

The original abstract (of which I have only tried to capture the basic
ideas, of course) goes as follows:


The objective of this work is to introduce the notion of formal
security into quantum computation. In order to achieve this, we
introduce a new security model, containing a quantum communication
model. We will lay some stress on formal details to show which are the
problems arising in a formal definition of quantum security.

Based on this model we will analyse some basic aspects of quantum
- Are quantum protocols composable?
- Do classically secure classical protocols stay secure in a
quantum environment?
Both questions we will answer by and large positively. This discussion
(and especially the proofs) will be less formal, because of the
complex nature of the underlying communication processes.


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