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5, 3 - symbolics

Posted: Sat Jul 13, 2002 1:50 am
by vixcafe

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> I vote for keeping Toki Pona at five vowels. Three vowels
> would work in another conlang. You can try to fork TP if you
> have an idea, but don't expect it to surpass TP in popularity:
> look at Ido compared to Esperanto.

The 5 vowels can symbolize the 5 elements in Taoism: earth, metal,
fire, wood and water. There are the symbolic five mountains, five
elements, five colours, five planets, five virtues, five emotions,
five directions, etc. all of which have a mystic significance in

However, 3 vowels can symbolize the Divine Order of Heaven, Earth,
and Humanity in Taoism.

Heh he.