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High IQ World

Postby Rod-NZ » Mon Feb 22, 2016 2:34 am

High IQ World is a face book group with 2600 membership after three years and has had many other forms in earlier attempts at social media.

That being said a member posted a link to a news report on Toki Pona that caught my attention.
0. I read the news article posed in face book
1. I looked up Wikipedia Toki Pona
2. I copied and pasted into messenger
3. I followed up on apple App Store and downloaded a Toki Pona application
4. I played with the application and leaned a few words
5. Before item 3. I signed up for phpBB Toki Pona and needed a translation for water.
6. I searched safari for water in Toki Pona
7. I checked my email and verified phpBB Toki Pona registration.
8. I adopted Toki Pona as the offical admin language for the most exclusive high Iq society Tera Society (10^12 to one exclusivity)
9. I said to a couple of people I work with on solving P vs NP math problem that our latest solution should be written up in Toki Pona.
10. I noted that one of the 120 vocab can be made into compound words and went out to see if I could find disaster releaf for Fiji Cyclon Winston of 315 km/hr winds.
11. I posted some links to Toki Pona that had Plato's Republic references so would like to see if a translation into Toki Poki can then link to the Republican primary elections with Donald Trump in them.
12. I wrote this up for reference as to follow up learning the language here in New Zealand and also journalism the adoption in the high Iq world social media space full of polyglots.

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Re: High IQ World

Postby janKipo » Mon Feb 22, 2016 1:38 pm

kama pona tawa toki pona.
a! sina pali mute li pali pona. taso mi lukin e ni: sina kama ala sona e nasin toki pi toki pona li kama sona e nimi taso. o kama sona e nasin toki tawa ni: sina sitelen e toki mute pona . poka la sina sitelen e toki pi jan Paton lon seme. mi pilin e ni: mi lukin e ona.
pona pi tan pakala , kon tawa sike pi wawa mute.

welcome to toki pona
My, you have been busy and productive. But I see that you have not learned toki pona grammar, but only words. Learn grammar so that you write many good pieces. By the way, where did you write the piece about Plato? I don't think I have seen it.
disaster relief, cyclone (circular wind of great speed/power)

mi la jan ante pi toki pona li lon ma Nusilan. There are other toki ponaers in New Zeeland, I think.

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Re: High IQ World

Postby janAetherStar » Tue Feb 23, 2016 11:45 pm

kama pona! a ma Nu Silen!! ma ni la sina lon seme? mi jan pi ma Okan. sina sona e toki ante seme?
Welcome! Gah NZ!! Where are you in New Zealand? I'm an Aucklander. What other languages do you know?
ale li pona. :)
sina o sona e ni.

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Re: High IQ World

Postby jan_Lope » Tue Mar 01, 2016 8:22 am

jan "Rod-NZ" o, toki!

Here is a link to Toki Pona lessons:
http://rowa.giso.de/languages/toki-pona ... essons.php
jan Lope
(Lessons and the Toki Pona Parser - A tool for spelling, grammar check and ambiguity check of Toki Pona)

On my foe list are the sockpuppets janKipo and janSilipu because of permanent spamming.

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