A place for tp presence.

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A place for tp presence.

Postby janKipo » Tue May 17, 2011 2:27 pm

Ignore the Lojbanity of it all, they seem to be open to everyone, and the more the merrier. Unfortunately, there seems to be no link to the text yet.

stefaan van ryssen <stefaan.vanryssen@gmail.com>
To: lojban-list@lojban.org
Dear lojban enthousiast,

I am currently working on an artistic project for the Belgian art centre Croxhapox (www.croxhapox.org) in Ghent.
We want to translate a short text in as many languages as possible - living, dead, artificial, any language...
The final result will be a network of connection between people and organisations and our art centre, which will be documented online and in a publication.
So, while I am an enthousiast of the Lojban endeavour but not fluent enough to be able to translate the text properly, I am looking for someone who would want to do so. The text consists of only five lines (you will find it included in a Dutch and an English version). We can unfortunately not pay you anything, but we will give credit in the publication and on the website.

As you well know, lojban can benefit from some positive exposure - and that's what I want to aim at.
The language will be treated just like any other: no hierarchy of speeches! - but lojban NEEDS to be in our project.

Thanks in advance,

Stefaan Van Ryssen
+32 486 28 36 94
Jan Delvinlaan 115
9000 Gent, Belgium

PS: this is a purely artistic project with no commercial goals whatsoever. See also our website and watch the pictures of daniel Dewaele's exhibition, which seeded the idea.

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Re: A place for tp presence.

Postby Kuti » Sat Dec 14, 2013 2:43 pm


Tomorrow, sunday, in Moscow, jan Palaman li kama toki tan toki pona :P

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Re: A place for tp presence.

Postby janKipo » Sun Dec 15, 2013 2:55 pm

jan pi toki pona li lon kukupu ni. ni li pona.

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