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Postby janKipo » Tue Nov 01, 2016 9:51 am

The concrete nouns from adjectives have an easy workaround: 'ijo loje' for 'loje' in the sense of a red thing. Similarly, Nesa provides a useful device for cases where the stock expressions get things wrong 'jan lili' for midgets rather than children, 'jan suli' for giants rather than adults. Split the idiom, getting back to the components, so 'jan pi lili nasa' "strangely small people" and similarly in the other direction.
The abstract nouns are harder, since the only word for "property" is for possessions, not attributes. On the other hand, people do sometimes use 'jo' in that attributive ways, so maybe that will work (though uncomfortably calquey). Furthermore, the use is so rare (I think) that there may actually be special contextual clues to get us through.

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