mU-notation: a way to simplify tp-grammar

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Re: mU-notation: a way to simplify tp-grammar

Postby janpona120 » Wed Oct 19, 2016 5:33 am

Ten years still seems optimistic but nto, perhaps, so impossible as my rather jaundiced view.
We have two workable analogies for proto-semantics. First, a mathematical decimal model, where each digit takes ist own place and is strongly related with others. Second, a Turing machine. And these models are very simple, where the "simple" is a key property of tp, you know. I see that of all languages of the world, tp is the closiest one to protosemantics. It is even more close, than Swadesh list or Swahili is. The system of tp-markers (separators) makes fractalization. Like a skyscrapper, tp has an extra "lili" semantic basis ("lon ma"), and an extra "suli" set of pragmatic-levels ("nanpa lipu/supa"). So, my experiment with "mU" is a probe to reduce a vagueness -- to minimize a semantic basis as narrow as possible. Of course, it is not a pure tp, although tp-"stuff" helps me to continue a proto-semantic research. It is very interesting work.

About a future of tp, I think that tp will go to an unification of POS (parts of speech). I know, that some tpers wish to use tp-words in a universal way... without artificial restrictions. The World has a USB, and the World is happy. A tp-road map is similar: USB1.1 -> 2.0 -> 3.0...

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