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Help with a toki pona game?

Posted: Thu Jun 05, 2014 10:06 pm
by janAetherStar
Ok, I'm making a language learning RPG in toki pona on Scratch. For some reason, my brain won't bring me enough answers to this: What are scenarios I can use to teach the player? The setting is on an island.
e.g. You see someone pass a stand where someone is peeling fruit. A character at the stand asks, 'sina wile ala wile e kili?' One passing character says 'wile' and always gets a fruit, the other 'wile ala' and doesn't get one. You can go up and reply 'wile' to get the fruit.

Learning through observation and interaction, basically. Any scenarios? If you want, just say so and I'll include your forums username in the credits (or Scratch username if you use Scratch at all).
Thanks everyone!
mi pali e musi pi toki pona pi lon ilo Scratch. mi jo ala e pilin mute. mi wile pana e sona pi toki pona tawa jan musi. musi li ni: jan li lon ma lili pi toki pona li ken ala toki tawa jan ante.
mi lon tomo pi kama sona li ken ala sitelen mute a :( tenpo kama la mi pana e nimi pi toki pona tawa lipu ni.