Wiki book for toki pona

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Wiki book for toki pona

Postby janMato » Sat Jul 24, 2010 10:20 am

There has been a wikibook stub for toki pona for many years. I've been wanting to re-boot the page for many years and this morning I did:

My thoughts when setting this up
1) A field linguistics survey is respectful of the creators prerogatives and is objective as compared to a lesson book or a normative language specification. In a field survey we should be describing the preponderance of what is seen in use, not ruling on what is right or wrong or what should be adopted or deprecated.
2) The source book for the outline, Describing Morphosyntax,is a very good book and is often mentioned by other constructed language hobbyists as a sort of manual for describing new (to us) languages.
3) The current outline gives short shrift to phonology, semantics and dictionary-issues.

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