Please help beta test my program

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Zak Stone
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Please help beta test my program

Postby Zak Stone » Tue Mar 09, 2010 5:38 am

I have created a toki pona word processing program for a school computing project. As part of the write up I am required to test the program. One way of testing it would be to give it to the community of toki pona speakers to evaluate.

Please download and install the attached program and give me any feedback on how it works, what you think of it and how it can be improved.

ale li pona.

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Re: Please help beta test my program

Postby janKipo » Tue Mar 09, 2010 10:47 am

nasin sina li pona ala tawa ilo Winzip

jan Sowelilili
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Re: Please help beta test my program

Postby jan Sowelilili » Tue Mar 09, 2010 1:59 pm

tenpo mute pini la, mi sitelen e ni:

"o pana e pona tawa jan pi kama sona sona lon tomo sona mi" -

jan "Zak Stone" li jan ni. ona li pali pini e ilo sitelen kepeken toki pona li wile e ni: sina o kepeken e ilo sitelen o toki tawa ona: ilo li pona anu ike?

sina jo e tenpo lili la, o kama jo e ilo o kepeken e ona. sina ken la, o sitelen tawa ona kepeken toki Inli. ante la, mi wile pana e toki sina tawa toki Inli.

jan Kipo o, mi pana e ilo sitelen tawa ilo WinZip :)

pona a

jan Sowelilili
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Re: Please help beta test my program

Postby janKipo » Tue Mar 09, 2010 3:27 pm

mi sitelen e ni kepeken ilo 'nimi pi toki pona'. jan Zak li pali e ilo ni. So a onl tpin But lettes
So far a few comments;
1. sporadically (see end of line above) letters not in tp don't come through. At other times they do. I assume they ought never occur.
2. Spell checker has some bad data in it, e.g., 'sitelen' is in as 'stelen' There may be others.
3. Spell checker does not ignore punctuation but marks a word as wrong it next to one ('nimi' and 'pona' above)
4. Some of the labels need correcting : 'ala nimi', 'poka' for "next"?, not sure about 'kule' for "select," 'sona' for suggestions.
5. A number of 380 errors have come up, ending each session prematurely "Invalid [goes by too fast to read]"

Thanks, WinZip liked the second try just fine.

BTW, just because this consists entirely of critical remarks doesn't mean I don't like it both in concept and execution. Nice job!

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Re: Please help beta test my program

Postby janMato » Tue Mar 09, 2010 9:59 pm

Post source code (just the code behind the form) or the class file. I can't decompile VB6. Using my code ESP, I can see you wrote something like..

string[] wordsToLookup = Split(foo," ")

You need to also do something like

wordToLookUp[i] = wordToLookUp[i].Replace(".","")
wordToLookUp[i] = wordToLookUp[i].Replace(",","")
wordToLookUp[i] = wordToLookUp[i].Replace(":","")

It's been a few years since I wrong VB6, so I might be off on my syntax.

I unzipped it twenty times to learn that the .cab contains a .exe that didn't even need an installer. It functions as portable app, if you just use these \tokipona_rar\toki pona\toki pona\Package\Package\toki pona\*.*

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