Language & Personality Survey

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Language & Personality Survey

Postby jimhenry » Tue Dec 01, 2009 8:33 pm

I'm posting this on behalf of Mark Henshaw, who posted it to the CONLANG and AUXLANG mailing lists, and recently asked people to send it out further, including to some groups of people interested in constructed languages who don't necessarily create constructed languages themselves. The deadline for responses is December 4. Please send your responses offlist to Mark Henshaw at his address below, NOT to me and not necessarily posting here on the forum (and if you do, please ALSO send email to Mark).

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From: Mark Henshaw <>
Date: Fri, Nov 20, 2009 at 4:28 PM
Subject: [CONLANG] Language & Personality Survey

OK, I finished polishing up the inventory and it turned out to be 60 questions total. Feel free to send it to other linguist-types that you know; I'd like to shoot for 100 responses, but I'll end it and reveal the results if it takes longer than a couple weeks. Send your responses to for tabulation; your results will be kept confidential, but I don't mind returning them to you on request.


Part I

Here is a list of statements designed to quantify your opinions on languages. Please rate how much you agree or disagree with each statement by typing a number from 1-5 next to each one:

1 = disagree strongly
2 = disagree somewhat
3 = uncertain / no opinion
4 = agree somewhat
5 = agree strongly

A. Designing a language to make it easier for people from different countries to communicate is a good idea.

B. It doesn't make sense to make a new language purely for aesthetic reasons.

C. The best artificial languages are logical and easily parsed by computers.

D. I like languages that sound beautiful to me.

E. I like languages that are clear and unambiguous to interpret.

F. I like languages that have a small, or even a restricted, vocabulary.

G. I like languages where the words tend to be short.

H. I like languages that have only a few different sounds (phonemes).

I. I like languages that have straightforward spelling systems.

J. I like languages where the rules are consistent, not full of exceptions.

K. A language spoken by imaginary people (elves, aliens, robots, etc.) would be fascinating.

L. No language a person might invent will ever improve international communication.

M. It's hard to imagine creating a language simply to see how few sounds a language needs or how logical it could be made.

N. I like the idea of a language designed to influence the way its speakers think.

O. I've spent time designing languages myself.

Part II: QSFI-alpha Personality Inventory

Here are several pairs of descriptions that may, or may not, apply to you. Please rate how much you agree or disagree with them by typing a number from 1-5 next to each question, just as before (1 = disagree strongly, 5 = agree strongly). As you work, consider each pair of adjectives as they describe you together, even if you feel that one word applies more than the other. Remember, there are no wrong answers!

I see myself as...

1. Humane, idealistic.
2. Quiet, still.
3. Peaceful, serene.
4. Reckless, haphazard.
5. Sensitive, fearful.
6. Interested in art, deep.
7. Underhanded, sneaky.
8. Extraverted, enthusiastic.
9. Hostile, ill-tempered.
10. Efficient, neat.
11. Rugged, unfeeling.
12. Psychic, strange.
13. Sly, cunning.
14. Introverted, withdrawn.
15. Argumentative, stubborn.
16. Disorganized, careless.
17. Sentimental, soft.
18. Gloomy, antisocial.
19. Ethical, principled.
20. Normal, practical.
21. Active, talkative.
22. Irritable, sharp tongued.
23. Orderly, perfectionistic.
24. Worrying, insecure.
25. Traditional, conventional.
26. Humble, unimportant.
27. Tolerant, agreeable.
28. Messy, absent-minded.
29. Rational, stable.
30. Contemplative, imaginative.
31. Boastful, haughty.
32. Lenient, gentle.
33. Emotional, anxious.
34. Completely truthful.
35. Intellectual, philosophical.
36. Disorderly, sloppy.
37. Bossy, demanding.
38. Tough, independent.
39. Sane, commonsensical.
40. Greedy, calculating.
41. Organized, thorough.
42. Masculine, unemotional.
43. Dishonest, slick.
44. Ordinary, unimaginative.
45. Faithful, loyal.

This concludes the survey; please email your responses to

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