Toki pona corpus project needs your help!

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Re: Toki pona corpus project needs your help!

Postby janKipo » Mon Apr 16, 2018 7:38 pm

This looks like a valuable aid eventually. right now it has a lot of problems. A quick glance shows several bad definitions right away, enough to worry about the whole. For basic starters, the correct version of “a” is nothing; ‘wan’ would only be used to contrast with some other number or with ‘ante’ (an even then, the bare form is preferred). Listing ‘anpa’ as a preposition is also merely furthering a common problem.Secondly, starting with an independent list encourages howdjasays, complexes built up in isolation from actual situations and thus unlikely to ever be useful (“axotll” springs to mind, even though I know it was used once). But, if you can get a team of serious researchers who will work through the corpus, there is a good foundation here.
Oh yes, the fact thay you have a tp-En dictionary in the same format and and on the same page, more or less, is a definite plus.


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