"li seme e"

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"li seme e"

Postby janMato » Sat Jul 24, 2010 3:33 pm


Outside of the above reference, "li seme e" has never been used before(I just checked google and my concordance searcher).

jan li seme e "tenpo suno ni la sina li tawa pali?" He asked, are you coming to work today?

Transitive seme seems to also make the verb into an unbound variable.

jan li seme e moku? He did what to the food?

It makes this verb extraction possible:
waso pi noka suli li seme e noka sama? ni li tawa wawa.

The above verb extraction is rather simple, it could have been left in the sentence
waso pi noka suli li tawa wawa kepeken noka sama.

This is analogous to object extraction
waso pi noka suli li moku e pipi ni: pipi li pana e ko sewi.

Subject extract still is awkward
waso ni li moku e pipi: waso li jo e noka suli.

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