Mental Health ruining my life!

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Mental Health ruining my life!

Postby depprussell » Wed Jun 20, 2018 9:04 am


I've made a right mess of things due to my mental state and have ruined my life! I am at my wits end and have made a complete mess of my job. Basically my mental health issues have made me struggle on a daily basis, I feel suicidal most days and changes at work have made things harder. The past month I have needed to take time off to help a family member but unable to get leave I made the stupid mistake of exaggerating to get the leave approved. Yesterday I opened up to my manager who understands my difficulties but has been honest that it doesn't look good and a formal meeting will be needed to investigate but any outcome is ultimately decided by HR. The outcome could be dismissal or disciplinary action.

For More Details:-
<snip spam url removed by admin, user deleted, leaving english text because someone translated it to tp>


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Re: Mental Health ruining my life!

Postby sunlin » Wed Jun 20, 2018 3:02 pm

Wow the spam is getting dark :o

Translation attempt:
mi pakala ali, tan pilin mi a!
mi ken tawa mute ala.
mi pakala e pali mi.
mi utala, lon ali, lon tenpo ali.
mi wile moli, lon tenpo mute.
mi utala mute, tan ante, lon pali. [changes at work]
mi wile pona e kulupu mama.
mi lili e pali mi, tan ni.
mi toki e toki lon ala, tan ni.
mi toki, tawa jan pona, lon tenpo suno pini.
jan lawa li wile toki, tawa mi.
ken la jan lawa li weka e mi.
ken la jan lawa li pakala e mi.

You guys have a better translation for line 2 "I'm at wit's end"?

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