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A Toki Pona "Creepypasta" - jan Tele (toki musi)

Posted: Sun Mar 27, 2016 5:12 am
by janAetherStar
toki a! tenpo pini la mi sitelen e ni. mi wile pana e ona tan musi taso. ken la ona li ike li kama ala e ni: jan li ike pilin. taso ona li ijo. mi wile ala e ni: jan li "pona" e sitelen ni li toki e ijo ona, tan ni: ni li ijo taso pi tenpo pini. mi sin ala e sitelen. mi pana taso. taso a, o sona e ni: tenpo pini la mi wile e ni: ni li toki musi li sitelen ala. mi toki e ni lon ilo Youtube. taso ni li kama ala. sitelen li sama ni: jan li toki. mi wile e ni: ona li awen pona tawa sina. :) (jan pi toki Inli o: toki musi ni li nasa tawa sina la, o lukin anpa. mi sitelen e ijo kama.)
Hiya! I wrote this a while ago. I'm just sharing it for fun. It's probably crap and won't freak you out, but it's something. It's not my intention that people discuss "improvements" and talk about the grammar etc, since this was just something I wrote ages ago and it hasn't been edited anyways. I'm just chucking it here. However, just note that the original intention was for this to be said rather than read. I was gonna put it on Youtube but that didn't wind up happening. So, this story is written moreso as a transcript. I hope you still like it. :) (For English speakers, I've put a synopsis at the bottom for if you have no clue what happened.)
jan Tele

ona li nasa. a pakala, ona li nasa! tenpo pini la, mi sona ala. mi pilin e ni: ona li meli wan taso. taso ni li lon ala. o sona e ni: mi moli ala e ona! mi wile toki e ijo pi sona ni… a, ken la, jan li ken kute e toki mi, li ken kama sona e ijo lon…
tenpo ni li tenpo lete. kon pana mi li walo. ko lete li kama tan sewi. taso, mi awen wile tawa tomo pi kama sona, li awen wile pali. mi toki tawa jan Lula en jan Ton, li moku lon tomo, li nasa e jan pi pana sona… tenpo moku la jan Tele li pana e suwi sike tawa mi. tenpo mute la ona li pali e ni. taso mi pilin e ni: suwi ni li jaki tawa uta. tan ni la mi pana e ona tawa jan Lula. pali pi tomo pi kama sona li pini la, mi tawa noka, tawa tomo mi. jan mute li tawa kepeken tomo tawa. jan ante pi tawa noka li lon lili taso, li tawa ala lon ma kasi. ona li toki e ni: soweli ike li lon insa ona. taso mi wile tawa tomo mi, kepeken tenpo lili, li awen tawa lon ma kasi.
lete li pona tawa mi. ko lete li pona lukin, lon kasi suli. tawa mi li kama e kalama lili taso. kon pi kama jo li lete e insa mi. mi tawa suli lon ma kasi. tenpo li kama li tawa. mi awen tawa. mi kute e kalama lili pi lon monsi mi. mi pilin e ni: soweli lili taso li kama e kalama. mi awen tawa. taso, pilin mi li kama nasa. mi sona e ni: tenpo ante la kalama li lon ala ma kasi ni… a… mi tawa noka, kepeken tenpo lili, li pilin e ni: ken la ijo li lon! mi kute e kalama ante. ona li… kalama noka.
mi ike pilin. mi lukin monsi.
jan Tele… ona li lon! mi pilin e ni: ni li suli ala. ona li tawa taso. ale li pona. taso, pilin mi li awen nasa li awen ike… jan Tele li toki e ni tawa mi: “aaa, sina lukin e mi! jan Mako o… toki! a a a.” kalama ona li ike. luka tu ona li lon monsi ona. “sina moku ala e suwi sike mi, aaaa…” uta ona li nena lukin. “sina pana e ona tawa jan Lula, anu seme?”
mi kama toki e ni: “a, jan Tele o. mi wile ala e ni: sina ike pili-”
“ala. ni li suli ala. tenpo ni la, a a a a a! a, mi olin e sina! sina sona ala sona e ni? taso sina olin ala e mi… taso…” jan Tele li tawa e luka ona tawa sinpin ona, li jo e… “mi weka e noka sina la, sina awen lon poka mi!” jan Tele li jo e palisa pakala suli. mi ken ala awen lon ni. mi tawa.
kon lete li pakala e poki kon mi. taso noka mi li seli pilin wawa. mi pilin e ni taso: mi wile ala moli! jan Tele li tawa kepeken tenpo lili. taso ma kasi li kama pini. mi lukin e suno pi nasin ante…
“o tawa ala!” jan Tele li nasa! “o kama! jan ala li ken olin e sina sama mi…!”
taso tenpo ni la, ma kasi li pini.
nasin pi tomo tawa pi linja tu li lon poka pi ma kasi. tenpo ni la tomo tawa li tawa ala lon ona. taso, mi ken kute e ni: ona li kama… mi wile ala moli tan tomo tawa. taso mi wile ala mute moli tan jan Tele! mi awen tawa… li lukin monsi.
mi lukin e ni: tomo tawa li kama la jan Tele li tawa lon nasin ona…
jan Tele li moli. a, pakala! mi kama jo mute e kon. mi tawa tomo mi, li ike pilin wawa. sijelo mi li tawa lili.
tenpo ni… tenpo ni la, sina sona e ijo lon. ken la sina pilin e ni: mi toki nasa. taso jan Tele… ona li jan nasa a! mi moli ala e ona! ona li wile mute pakala e mi. mi ken ala-
jan seme li lon? … a paka-
-a a a a a!! o sona e ni: jan Mako li jan pi mi taso!-

Mark recounts his story. Mark goes to a school at which there is a girl called Dere (badum tss). He's the only one who walks home through the forest, the others don't because either they take cars or say bad creatures live in the woods. One time he hears something behind him, turns out it's Dere stalking him. She's holding something behind her back, laughs maniacally, accuses Mark of not loving her and giving away the cookies she makes, etc... She says he'll have to stay with her if she cuts off his legs, and reveals an axe. Mark runs. There's a train that runs directly outside the forest (for newcomers: tomo tawa pi linja tu is an older compound for a train). The train is coming. Mark takes a leap, but thinks he sees Dere get struck by the train. Freaked out, he goes home and makes this recording. But, Dere is alive and opens the door and makes a final note. Ideally, you'd hear all this in a video, and hear Mark get knocked out or something similar.

Re: A Toki Pona "Creepypasta" - jan Tele (toki musi)

Posted: Sun Mar 27, 2016 5:07 pm
by janKipo
Nice and scary.

Re: A Toki Pona "Creepypasta" - jan Tele (toki musi)

Posted: Tue Mar 29, 2016 12:27 am
by janAetherStar
Thanks :)