Video killed the radio star

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Video killed the radio star

Postby janAetherStar » Fri Nov 15, 2013 2:28 am

Once in class, I decided to come up with a tp translation of a song so I could amuse myself. 'Video Killed the Radio Star' came to my head for some reason, and try as I might, I couldn't seem to make enough information fit in so few syllables for the chorus. In a very short space of time, this cut-down version came to mind.
sitelen tawa li moli e jan pi ilo kalama (I didn't originally jump to this actually, I tried to make very watered-down versions which became too watered-down)
New verion:
sita li mol' e jan pilo ka

Ok, I missed out the star bit but whatever.
I thought I'd put it here as a testament to how tp could evolve given a need for very quick communication. All in all, just an idea, but I hope an entertaining one

tenpo pini la mi wile toki e kalama musi pi toki Inli kepeken toki pona. mi pilin e kalama musi 'sitelen tawa li moli e jan pi ilo kalama' anu 'Video Killed the Radio Star'. mi sona ala e tan. mi pali e ni:
toki pi tenpo pini:
sitelen tawa li moli e jan pi ilo kalama
toki pi tenpo ni:
sita li mol' e jan pilo ka

ken la tenpo pi toki mute la toki pona li ken kama suli. ni li pilin taso. taso mi wile e ni: ni li musi tawa sina.
ale li pona. :)
sina o sona e ni.

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