musi pi jan en soweli, class tag game

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musi pi jan en soweli, class tag game

Postby janAetherStar » Mon Sep 09, 2013 12:23 am

So I was thinking of a game similar to 'tag' after coming up with this tongue twister-ish thing (say it nonstop, periods are there to show where the sentences start/end):

sina nasa sama mama meli pi sin ala la o tawa. jan o tawa. jan en soweli o tawa. <first phase of tag game, "If you're crazy/batty/weird etc like an old mother then move it! people, move it! people and animals, move it!"

sina nasa sama mama mije pi sin ala la o tawa. jan o tawa. soweli o tawa ala. <second phase, "If you're crazy/batty/weird etc like an old father then move it! people, move it! animals, stay still!"

sina pona sama ala 'kesi/waso/kala/pipi la o pilin ala <last phase, "If you're good (not like a ___) then don't tag!"

Hopefully there's no grammar errors relating to the use of a simile/ala after sama... If there is then please notify me.

1 person (teacher if in a class) blows the whistle and starts the chants and specifies the animal in the last phase. 4 people are hunters and the rest are in one of 4 animal groups (kala, pipi, waso and akesi respectively).
In the first phase, hunters tag animals. The only way to get untagged is for the respective animal to help the other up. waso>pipi pipi>akesi akesi>kala kala>waso I'm not quite sure myself how it works, but oh well, yay to logic.

In the second phase, all animals can't move, but can't be tagged either. Instead, the hunters have to run from one end of the animals to the other, like in octopus. Any tagged hunter must swap places with the animal that tagged it. By the end of this round there are likely 4 new hunters, unless there's a gaping hole in the animals, which they need to fix during the chant, signified by a whistle blow after a few minutes or something along those lines.

In the last phase, the animal indicated can tag a hunter. However, they can not help the other animals up, making a chain effect that's harder for the animals to control. If all the animals are out (other than the specified ones of the last phase) then the hunters win, and vice versa. The specified animal can not be one that's all out or one that helps species that's all out. If there's only one hunter left, and that hunter manages the 2nd phase again without getting tagged, then the hunters win. However, no lines allowed in the octopus-style phase!

Ok, feel free to make modifications and things! I hope you relatively like it. :D
ale li pona. :)
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