Toki Pona Rap-battle!

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Toki Pona Rap-battle!

Postby Delphij » Tue Feb 21, 2012 8:34 am

mi sitelen utala e sina mute!
I challenge you all on an epic rap-battle! :x
(One diss each other in rhyme)

sina ike tawa ali,
sina ken ala pali,
sina wan taso,
sike tu sina li laso,
sina ala toki e toki pona,
lawa mi li poki sona,
mi pona mute,
sina pona lili,
mi wile ala kute,
sina moku lili e sijelo kili! >:3

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Re: Toki Pona Rap-battle!

Postby janAetherStar » Sat Jul 13, 2013 5:27 am

mi wile ala pakala.
o open e oka sina.
o lukin e insa suli.
ike li lon ala pini.
taso mi wile e ni:
sina pona tawa mi.
tan tenpo lon e ante la,
mi lon ali e poka sina!

toki pona li pona. o lon pona. :)
some things were a little 'poetic', but oh well, what was not described in form has no means to conform; and thus described remains the thought! :)
ale li pona. :)
sina o sona e ni.

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