Toki Pona game playabe in chats

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Toki Pona game playabe in chats

Postby jan Kapiwe » Tue Jan 10, 2012 8:11 pm

Well, I thought about a TP game that can be played in any chatroom that supports private message. The rules are:

A player is chosen by the group to start. The player must pick a sentence or word in English, (or a language that all players understand) and the other players must attemp to translate it to Toki Pona and then send it as a private message to the player that picked the word/sentence. When all the players have already sent the translation all entries are exposed at once. Each player must vote in other players entries, with "three votes" (you distribute three votes to the player) and it should look like this:

mi pona.*
mi pilin pona.**
mi pona mute.

In this example, first entry got one vote from a player, second got two and third didn't get any. Each player does that.

Afterwards, the votes are summed and the player that got most stars wins the round. The winner has the right to create a new rule in the game, and it must be accepted if at least one other player likes it and it doesn't put a player in advantage. Then the winner chooses the next word/sentece and the game goes on.

Note: even the rules descripted above can be changed, unless a rule added to the game says that it can't, witch makes the game extremely flexible.

I suggest the game can be named as "o ante e toki e musi" or just "ante e musi". It could be played in an IRC chat. Any suggestions? Anyone wants to play? :)
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Re: Toki Pona game playabe in chats

Postby janAetherStar » Sat Jul 13, 2013 6:01 am

It could be good, but it might be a bit tiring to be broadcasting all then posts all the time (well for me at least, I'm lazy with that kind of stuff). It sounds like you took inspiration from the game Balderdash. It does sound good though! Although what does the name really mean, 'change the speech and fun' or something (sorry, can't quite decode it)? Maybe a good name would be "toki kule"? Because, you know, just stating exactly what the game is isn't always the way to roll with games, e.g. Scrabble isn't called "make a crossword" and Balderdash isn't called "think of fun word definitions". It's just a suggestion though. I might play this actually, but I'm trying to get more toki pona speech into my life since I haven't actually spoken to anyone in toki pona IRL.
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